GoldenBoomers International


Founder’s Bio

golden-boomers-international“It is amazing to consider that the word(s) “golden boomer(s) that I put together and defined in 1998 would reach such a global status. I have seen blogs from around the world that mention the economic power and marketability of the golden boomers. I am more convinced than ever (since I first trademarked the name in 2000) that we can tap into this vibrant, resourceful and intelligent community not only to enhance our lives, but the lives of others within this age group on a global basis.” ~Peter Marquardt, Futurist and founder of

My name is Peter Marquardt, and I’m the creator of Golden Boomers International. I am a first-generation American with German parents and grew up strongly influenced by their culture.  As a family, we only spoke German, so I am considered a native speaker.  When I was sixteen, my mother moved back to her Germany, took me with her, and I graduated from the International School in Hamburg. Because of this “international” experience, I consider myself to be a global citizen. I have always enjoyed exploring other cultures, which fueled my passion for volunteering in various countries around the world, including Central America, Latvia, Russia and the United States.  Currently, I live in Eugene, Oregon, and look forward to new volunteer opportunities and taking “the road less traveled” towards new experiences.

I started to create a positive community for the members of my generation who are approaching retirement and referred to as “golden boomers.” We are an impressive group with a lot of insight.

Our lives are changing in more ways than we can count. Let’s work together to make them better!


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