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It Takes a Village to Make a Garden

Permaculture is the creation of ecosystems that will produce foods while being sustainable and self-sufficient. There are many areas of our world, either in the arid portions of the United States or elsewhere that can be turned around and used for crops. The science as Jeff Lawton, a global permaculture expert, notes it is not “rocket science.” New areas, long considered useless, have been turned around from desolate to thriving through the use of standard, logical methods.  Here are three examples where you can get the idea of how and why they work.  For many of us as we retire, and those of us who were farmers and gardeners, this might be an area where we can find exciting volunteer opportunities in other parts of the world as permaculture consultants.

We can all appreciate permaculture.

We can all appreciate permaculture.

Here are three videos that all intersect.

The first video describes how a small (one-third of an acre) parking lot was converted into an “ecological forest garden” that can feed many people in Sevastopol, California once it is fully operational. It describes in some detail how the contours of the land were used to the best effect and what sorts of plants were utilized. It is a fascinating look at creating a garden for a village.  Something I will look forward to in my more golden years!  With so many pieces of abandoned property (think Detroit) this community model will help anyone involved.

The second video is about Jeff Lawton, an internationally known permaculture consultant, designer and teacher. In this video, he talks about how planting trees will create a new way of retrieving deep minerals and bringing them up for other surface trees to use. It ties in with the first video and underscores the reasons for what was done in the parking lot.

Imagine 10 acres of salted land in an area where water was in short supply and equipment was hard to access. Imagine that same property just a few years later filled with plants, some being commercially harvested. The secret is something that our ancestors knew centuries ago: protect the soil, create a water-compost-harvest circle and the plants will take care of themselves. This was perhaps Jeff Lawton’s defining moment when he created a permaculture demonstration food forest in Jordan. Watch the video here.


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