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A Portable Water Purifier

For many years, I talked about the necessity of clean water in other parts of the world. Frankly, I should say all parts of the world. The bottom line is that without it, we are dead.

Here is a video from the TED Conferences brought to you by

Michael Pritchard was inspired to do something about that, and he has been successful. For the common use, it is ready to do its job. Small and easy to use, it will make 6,000 liters (about 1,500 gallons) of fresh drinking water out of the nastiest water you can imagine. He also has larger units that can put out fresh drinking water for a family of four for three years.

One man created a device that makes fresh drinking water.


He makes some great points.  One of which is that this device can save lives.  Another is that rather than sending water to a disaster site, more of these units can be sent (lightweight, easily usable) than water. Because the water can be processed at the point of use, resources can be used to transport other necessary items. My additional thought is that before you volunteer in a foreign country, this is a “must have” device!


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