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97-Year-Old Masters Athlete

The twilight years are the best for me! I just get a kick about these folks who defy the odds and enjoy themselves as they age.  Here is the story of Ida, who at 97, set a senior record in the 100-yard dash. Let that sink a bit.  Age 97!  Most 97-year-olds can barely get out of the wheel chair.  She is considering a marathon.

A cynic might argue that there aren’t too many people in her age class, and while that would be correct, the fact remains that she is doing what many of us will wish we could do at her age.  At least if we could remember what we did ten minutes earlier–I will most likely end up in that category!

Watch the video… And when you are done take a look at the slide show below the video showing the “10 Inspirational athletes over 50.” It is something to see and draw inspiration from!

Click here to see the video and the slides.


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