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New Faces at the Door

There are new faces appearing in retirement communities around the country.  Those are the faces of new residents. Perhaps they are seen by the older set as the young upstarts.  They are vibrant, full of energy and ready for whatever life hands them.  They are the yin to the older resident’s yang. And they aren’t exactly ambling towards retirement either.

I have already noticed that there is a bit of unease between the younger and older sets. There is a perception that they are young, fit and active and they don’t like to be reminded of the aging process by seeing walkers and wheelchairs. Being that I am surrounded by personal mobility equipment (how is that for a new term), on a daily basis, I no longer pay attention to that equipment. It is simply a tool that the resident uses to move from here to there.  For new, younger residents it is a reminder where their lives are heading. It seems to me that instead of getting upset about the future, they should embrace the present in all of its shades of color. And if that includes a backdrop of walkers, then so be it.

I wonder how communities are engaging the two groups.  What are their plans toward helping these two demographics find a commonality of purpose? Is there a way to make each group see their value to the other?


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