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Intentional Communities & Continuing Care Communities, a Good Hybrid?

Surveys show us that the golden boomers are reluctant to move to stand-alone retirement communities. Even Continuing Care Retirement Communities (of which I am a proponent) are going to the drawing board and looking for ways to keep this retirement model current.

Today, we know that golden boomers would rather stay in their homes. That raises a number of questions such as: What role will socialization (a vital part to aging well) play, what sort of medical care (day-to-day medical care as well as hospitalization for more serious conditions) would they like to have access to, and what are their memory care needs? (Especially as the dementia population and number of patients increase.)

There will be new solutions.  I had written about one version that would encompass the intentional communities as well as continuing care retirement communities –sort of a hybrid if you will. It needs tweaking and more input.  The bottom line is that we are looking at a new paradigm as far as retirement housing is concerned. I would like to see what other minds have to offer.  Perhaps if we work together, we can create a housing model that allows for individual housing, medical care, activities, etc. that will meet our needs. I also have the firm belief that co-housing will play an important role in the housing of future golden boomers.

Here is a short video that points out some of the benefits of co-housing:


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