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You Become Better with Age

For many people, the idea of retirement means the start of a downward spiral. Personally, I think it is the start of what will arguably be the best part of my life, and many others will agree with me. Rather than take a pessimistic viewpoint, I would like to point out that there are many careers where age is the defining part of peoples’ lives.

A particular segment of our population is involved with the arts (consider Katharine Hepburn and Henry Fonda). How about the older writers who have honed their craft and are now well-read?  Another group of people, who are only now becoming of age as they enter into their “retirement” years, are those who consider themselves artists.

In a recent article in “ARTnews”, Hilarie M. Sheets points out many artists whose best work was done late into old age.  Her list includes Bellini (died at 86), Michelangelo (died at 89), Monet (died at 86), Matisse (died at 84), O’Keefe (died at 98) and Picasso (died at 91). While the list is not inclusive, it points out that age is not a limiting factor to success.

According to author, Thomas Dormandy, who “…Rejects the attractive idea of creativity as an antidote to physical or mental decline”…”It is contradicted by the facts.” He explored the powerful inner shifts in old age that propelled many artists to new heights.

The bottom line is that aging is what you make of it. You will be in good company if you don’t put your passions in the closet!

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