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Do you enjoy vacations? It seems we spend more time catching up, which sort of negates the purpose of a vacation.

Most of this week, I come home just in time to get to bed and then I get up at dawn and do it again.  The people make this “job” what it is.  The residents are, for the most part, fantastic to work with.  They overlook so many of my mistakes with grace and humor.

Even though my work is time-consuming, I don’t like to take vacations. I have a hard time shutting off. This time however, it was a bit different.

My sons and I spent a week living at the shore of the ocean, near Tillamook, Ore. This particular Boy Scout Camp has a beach for a front yard and 100-150 tall trees as a backdrop. The primary sound was waves shushing on the beaches and the wind whispering in the trees.  All of us elected to sleep in tents, but first, the cell phone had to go. Suddenly, paradise! I did bring a metal detector that I got for myself as a present a few years back, which I used with great success clearing out rusty nails and screws from the swimmers beach.  That was the first success story.

The talk of a museum is now more of a reality. I was invited back and will definitely go soon! Suddenly this turned into a vacation. Up on the bluff sorting out the “treasures” from the dirt made me feel fulfilled. I suppose that is what vacations are all about.

I will be going on a 50-mile (80km) canoe trip in a few weeks.  Perhaps taking a vacation isn’t so bad after all!


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