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“Adaptive Technologies and More” is perhaps a more adequate title for this blog.  Ah, the delights of the Internet!  I started off with research into adaptive gardening and somehow ended up with another fascinating topic: all-terrain wheelchairs. Perhaps my interest stems from a five-year-old classmate I had many years ago at Green Street Friends School in Philadelphia. But who knows? Regardless, I really want to highlight new advances in wheel chair technology, especially in ways this industry can serve the economically disadvantaged in third-world-like areas.  Notice how I said third-world-like-areas. After all, there are many areas in North America that have conditions similar to those found overseas.


So there you have it…a bit of a ramble.  But here are several wheel chair technologies that are interesting.  Each has its strong points. Check out their RoughRider, plus they have an interesting twist on the BOGO idea…if you buy one, you can give one to someone in a developing country… here are too many concepts to believe!  From the simple and sublime Mountain Trike to the absurd jet powered wheelchair, to individual power packs that can be attached to any chair and then can be recharged while you are at work, this website has ideas and concepts for every user.

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