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Just like their American counterparts, German golden boomers don’t want to grow old in nursing homes. However, what can Germany do with one of the highest percentages of golden boomers in the world?  Their senior care officials have decided to look for creative solutions that speak to the person and his/her quality of life.

An article I came across on CNN talks about a solution that focuses on the person by creating home-like apartments filled with a variety of tenants or an intentional family, if you will.  Chores are still handled by the residents (depending on his or her mental status), although there might be a state certified nurse on site.

In the U.S., new retirement communities are being built everywhere, while in Germany they are harder to come by.  Why? Because they are using this model to house seniors.  Not only are they housing golden boomers, they are intentionally being located in areas where intellectual stimulation is readily available for residents.  Some are even placed near nursery schools, thus providing a symbiotic relationship between these two needy demographics.

We have already heard of a similar (albeit smaller) concept that involves (usually) women moving in together as means of sharing housing.  Is it time to expand that to what the Germans have devised?

Could this model work in the United States?  What are your reasons for or against it?

It is an interesting read and a fascinating concept.

Read more here.


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