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Dental Care Clubs

An article in our local paper caught my eye this morning. The headline was “The Dental Care Club,” a concept I had never heard of before. Structured as a membership club, similar to a Costco membership, the dental care club membership provides dental care to anyone who pays a yearly subscription. In addition paying a discount on extra services. It is designed for those who have limited resources.  Yearly costs range from about $48 a year to $129 for a different company. There are some caveats for this concept. The membership will only cover services through the organization’s network of dental professionals.  Discounts may be steep, but if you have to seek help elsewhere, you can only do it on your own dime. After doing some research, I discovered plenty of locations in North America and abroad that will give you further information. Below are various links that you can use to get a feel for what is out there. Some will provide you with dental care and vision services. Use them as a stepping-stone to find what will work best for you! Provides services for seniors and is located in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania: You must give them a zip code and an email address. Plus they have vision services: This gives a good international overview including Asia and Europe:


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