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The Global Buckets Solution

Today I had the chance to weed the yard, and the garden, and the front yard. It took me about six hours to make everything look okay. Not nice, not great, just okay. There is plenty more to do. I point this out because it is normal for people to spend a lot of time in their gardens. What if there was a way to garden with less effort involved along with “on-demand” watering for your veggies and hardly any weeding?

Take a look at how a “Global Bucket” is put together.  Chances are you have the parts in your house right now.  Then there is a version of the “Global Bucket” that ups the ante: Made from one 55-gallon drum with the top third cut off. Putting the two parts together with a common wick allows the plants to get water, while saving the water from evaporating.  Easy to build, easy to use and the result is phenomenal.

Take a look at these two projects. Each can be adapted in areas of the world where water resources are tight and a supply of surplus drums might be available.


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