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“Senior Living and Globetrotter ” Makes an Appearance

A blog about senior living in India and other travel experiences was brought to my attention by my sibling who happened to hear about “Globetrotter” a golden boomer, who uses her time to travel.  She’d had some interesting adventures while traveling in India (and not on canned tours.)  Here is just one short section during her trip to India.

A very important observation that I keyed in on was that she’d noticed homeless seniors were allowed to shelter alongside orphaned kids.  Whoever thought of that was Brilliant.  (Yes that is brilliant with a  capital “B!”)  Everyone wins.

This is exactly what I meant when I mentioned that other countries have ideas that can be applied far from their own shores. The question is how do we integrate such ideas into our culture?  Would there be the same acceptance here as it is in India?  Her look at aging in India (albeit in small geographic areas) is highly interesting. Face it, retirement as we know it, is far different from what so many other cultures experience. I have to admit, Globetrotter, you have a wonderful view of the world.  We look forward to your next experience.

“Growing old in India can be wonderful or not. Indian families take care of their elders. Nursing homes are very uncommon. Sons have responsibility for caring for elderly parents which means daughters in law do the real work of it.  Basic medical care is provided through government clinics for free. There is no general Social security. Most people don’t have pensions. There is no ‘retirement age’ and jobs are changing as for the man pictured …..  (More)

Perhaps we can find other folks who have important observations they have made while traveling abroad.  We’d be happy to highlight your insights.


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