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Free Rice Anyone?

One way to make sure that you are well prepared for aging is to exercise. Walking, jogging, swimming and bicycling are all great ways to keep the body happy. By keeping up with these exercises, we will ideally live a long, healthy life. Not so fast partner! Keeping the body in physical health is like making sure the tires on your car are good, but neglecting the rest of the car. (We’ll talk more about that analogy in the future!) Doing brain exercises are equally important. Years ago, after I had a bicycle accident and my brain was still in recovery mode (it isn’t back to pre-accident status, but one can hope I will get it more up to speed over time), I was told to “exercise” my brain at a website called Not only was I getting a cerebral workout, but also, for every question I answered correctly, I was contributing a grain of rice for a worthy cause. By itself, a grain of rice is minuscule, but multiplying that grain of rice by hundreds, thousands and millions has made a big difference to people hit hard by economic and agricultural failure. There are other sites on the web that are good for brain health as well, but I haven’t been able to dig into them as well as  We’ll save them for a future blog post. Take a look at and like them on Facebook. You will be helping yourself and someone in need. Either way, you are a winner…


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