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Could the Fellowship Community Hold the Key?

We’ve looked at some different models of senior housing: the continuing care retirement model (the ideal with the drawback being its cost), the standard model of retirement homes (drawbacks being that it is for healthy living, as soon as there are problems, people have to move elsewhere), and a hybrid model, encompassing the co-housing home ownership model with a buy-in to a continuing care retirement model (part of which already exists here in the U.S.).

Much to my surprise, I found this model that uses a bit of all three, It uses residents to help manage land, has an onsite staff that lives cheek by jowl with the residents, and manages the day to day operations of a small farm.  Children learn about seniors, and seniors teach classes. It is perhaps the closest to the original model where the daughter took care of mom or dad. The 33-bed adult home is at the center of Fellowship Community, a collection of about 130 men, women and children founded in 1966 that offers seniors — including the aging baby boom generation — an alternative to living their final years in traditional assisted-living homes or with their grown sons and daughters.

It is an interesting concept. Perhaps we are trying to find the future, when instead, we should look at the past for the answers to the future.

Take a look at how this model works. Perhaps we can tweak this idea to find ways to create these sorts of communities within large cities.  Here is a short video create a few years back.

What do you think?


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